The real risk of botox!

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This page is intended to draw attention to the real risks of using Botox. Consumers are at risk because, on one hand they are misled about the potential risks and serious side effects, while on the other hand, they are challenged by disclaimers and lack of help from doctors, practitioners and cosmetologists.  Many people have been struck by disabling side effects, which happens more often than you might think!

When a consumer asks about side effects prior to a cosmetic treatment with Botox, they are often told that it is completely harmless and that only the site of injection will be affected by the (muscle-damaging) botulinum toxin. Some people ‘might’ get a short list of possible side effects, such as hanging eyelids or headaches that will be ‘light and temporary’.  When the truth is that there is over a 30-page leaflet with all of the serious side effects Botox listed. There are even side effects listed due to improper preparation or storage, and also a Black Box warning, that states that botulinum toxin can spread and cause symptoms consistent with botulism. Botulism causes a number of serious symptoms, and at its worst, death.…

Thus, the information given to the consumer about the safety of the product, the ‘claim’ that the toxin remains only at the injection site, is in fact a direct contradiction. It is simply NOT the truth! 

The US Medicines Agency (FDA) has registered over 50,000 reports of serious adverse reactions to Botox (Botox, Dysport and Xeomin) and more than 500 deaths and yet nothing is heard about these risks.

Many people worldwide have become seriously ill immediately after a single cosmetic treatment with a Botox product (Botox is marketed as Vistabel in Europe, and Dysport as Azzalure) and then have experienced severe symptoms, all of which appear on the package leaflet: headaches, dizziness, visual disturbances, tinnitus, vomiting, nausea, fever, muscle weakness, neuropathy, breathing problems, sleep apnea and a host of others.  Many symptoms are so debilitating that it is impossible to work and perform everyday tasks, which can last for months or years!

Many sufferers when reporting their symptoms to their provider are told that they do not know anything about these negative side effects and that it could not possibly be due to the Botox, (which again is in direct conflict with the truth, i.e. the package leaflet).

Practitioners, emergency room physicians and specialist doctors have either dismissed the symptoms as anxiety or ‘a functional disorder’, or rarely some acknowledge that there IS a systemic spread of the poison, but they have no idea what to do or how to treat it. In other words, you are completely left to fend for yourself.

Since botulism is not recognized as a result of cosmetic or medical injections, there is virtually no protection for patients. It is difficult to find a lawyer who can even take your case, when you cannot obtain medical documentation or an examination for your injuries.  

Above all, in our opinion, crucial information is seriously lacking on the real risks of using Botox! Consumers are not adequately warned. Therefore, as a consumer you make the decision about whether to use it or not for your condition. 

 Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels