700 botulinum toxin deaths reported to the FDA

Botulinum toxin and deaths

The FDA reports a total of 774 deaths, 7,842 serious side effects and 52,741 side effects (May 2021). Serious side effects are: life-threatening condition, hospitalization or permanent disability.

Note that the FDA is the US health authority and that there may be reports in many other countries.

Here’s how to find the numbers:

The botulinum toxin preparations are summarized (one can search up to 5 at a time) “Botox”, “Botox Cosmetic”, “Dysport”, “Xeomin”. Just type one product at a time in the search box and wait to enter a new name in the search box before the result arrives. You have to have some patience. The link is here:


Not all cases are reported, so the numbers may be much higher.

In 2008 , an article was published that reported 16 deaths to the US Health Authority (FDA), including 4 children.

The 2008 article is here:


You can also find articles on individual cases in the links below.

Death after cosmetic injection – anaphylactic shock:


A 7 year old child dies in 2007:


A 2015 article: another child who had severe side effects due to botox injections. According to the family’s lawyer, there have been 32 deaths after “off-label” botox treatments over an 18-year period (up to 2008). Off-label means that the drug has been used to treat things other than what is on the package.