86 cases of botulism in China

There has been a report on 86 cases of botulism in China following cosmetic botulinum injections.

Patients were injected with different doses of BoNT from 6-1000 units.

The clinical symptoms of botulism occurred within 0 – 36 days after injection, mainly between the 2nd and 6th days after the injection. 

The symptoms of the patients and the number of similar events were as follows: Headache (18 cases), dizziness (68 cases), insomnia (33 cases), fatigue (74 cases), blurred vision (72 cases), difficulty in opening the eyes (62 cases), unclear speech (37 cases), difficulty swallowing (61 cases), cramps (35 cases), constipation (15 cases) and anxiety (36 cases).

Fatigue and blurred vision were the most frequently observed symptoms.

Patients were discharged from the hospital between 1-20 days after receiving combination treatments and botulinum antitoxin serum injection.