Book Reviews! Dying to Be Young: From Botox to Botulism – and others!

“Dying to Be Young: From Botox to Botulism” was released in 2007.

About the dangers of botox / botulism and the consequences if used as a weapon of terror. It is also a book about drawing on internal resources and overcoming obstacles and getting the best out of yourself. Read by i.a. athletes. The book is in English only.

How Doctors Think by Jerome Groopman

This is a bestselling book about how many doctors are wrong when caught in habit thinking.

How doctors think – and treat with botulinum toxin

The link below is about how many doctors think about botulinum toxin treatments and why attitudes to these treatments are difficult to change.

There are, among other things. an example of some MR scans where a person with spastic paralysis received muscular atrophy after a single botulinum toxin injection and where the injuries were visible a year later (scan images in the link). – Still, most doctors hold on to the belief that botulinum toxin is out of the body 3-6 months after an injection because they adhere to data from animal studies and old habit thinking. And new attempts at people who contradict established knowledge are therefore often ignored.