Botox and hourglass deformity

Complications such as hanging eyelids have been attributed to botulinum toxin A.

Hourglass deformity (“hourglass deformity”) occurs due to muscular atrophy of the temporal muscle and has been reported as a side effect of botox.

Studies have been made of migraine patients who had 25 units of botulinum toxin type A injected into the temples. Only 26 of 92 patients reported subsequent loss of muscle in the tibia. But the study, which took both pictures and sent out questionnaires, found this deformity in all 92 patients – from minimal muscle loss to significant muscle loss. The patients who had less deformity were those who had excess soft tissue over the muscle due to overweight.

It is believed that the deformity is transient.

Someone has written about the deformity on, which is a major international website where you can post your photos and exchange experiences after beauty surgery:

Fotograf til billede: João Jesus from Pexels