Botox and lawsuits

There have been several major lawsuits following botox treatments and several of the lawsuits have not yet been finalized.

Here are some of the lawsuits that the media has written about:

  • 2010: A doctor, Sharla Helton, won a lawsuit over Allergan because she suffered poisoning symptoms after a botox injection in 2006. She received 50 units of botulinum toxin, which is equivalent to a cosmetic dose. She has never recovered completely and today is numb in her arms and legs, which has gone beyond her career as a obstetrician.

  • 2010: Allergan sues for a mother who previously lost a lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company. Her 7-year-old daughter, Kristen Spears, died in 2007 following a botox injection against spastic paralysis.

  • 2010: A 70-year-old woman, Sondra Bryant, died in 2008 after being treated with 100 units of botox in the shoulder for shoulder pain. Her 2 children filed suit against Allergan and won the lawsuit. The amount of compensation is unknown, but the amount of compensation was satisfied. The family sued because Botox was not approved by the FDA for the treatment of shoulder pain and because Sondra Bryant had not been informed of side effects.

  • 2011: 67-year-old Douglas Ray sued Allergan for $ 212 million when he suffered botulinum toxin side effects in treating a movement disorder in his right hand.

A judge gives Allergan a new trial against Douglas Ray because it was not clear to the jury in the first trial that at the time Douglas Ray became ill, Allergan had not received FDA approval to add a so-called “black- box “warning (about health hazards) on the Botox packages.

  • 2012: 46-year-old Thomas McGee got botox against back pain and sued Allergan for having Guillain Barre syndrome. He got over $ 60 million.

Hung jury in $60.5 million Botox case

  • 2015: 21 year old Melinda Ann “Mandy” dies after receiving “off-label” botox injections against spastic paralysis. Mandy’s health was getting worse and worse as the years went by: her breathing became poor and she had trouble keeping her head up. The family did not suspect it could be side effects from botox as they did not know she was overdosed and the drug was used “off-label”. Botox is not FDA approved for the treatment of pediatric spastic paralysis in children. It’s called “off-label” – when a doctor uses a drug for something that the drug is not FDA approved.

  • 2015: Parents of 7-year-old Joshua Drake win $ 6.75 million lawsuit against Allergan. Joshua Drake suffered from mild spastic paralysis and lived an almost normal life before botox. Did sports. He got his first botox injection in 2010, but when it failed, in 2012, the doctor suggested a higher dose than recommended in relation to body weight. A few hours after the injection, Joshua got sick: his face swelled up, he had breathing problems, he threw up and had seizures. Today he still has seizures and is addicted to medication. Parents were not informed of any serious side effects before.