Botulinum used as a biological weapon

Botulinum toxin has been produced as a biological weapon.

This link should be opened (declassified) documents from the CIA mentioning botulinum toxin as a biological weapon:

You have to scroll down a little, page 2 of the document itself says:

“Clostridium botulinum produces a toxin – botulinum toxin – that
has been exploited for BW purposes.”
(BW: biological war)

Page 4 of the document states that in 1995 Iraq admitted to producing 30,000 liters of concentrated material for biological warfare, including botulinum toxin:

“After four and a half years of claiming it had conducted only “defensive research” on biological agents, Iraq finally declared in 1995 that it had produced some 30,000 liters of concentrated BW agents including botulinum toxin, Bacillus anthracis, Clostridium perfringens, aflatoxin, and ricin. The United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM)
believed that Iraq produced substantially greater amounts-perhaps two to three times as much as was declared.”

Whether Iraq had ever produced all that poison is up for debate today, but the interesting thing is that botulinum toxin is mentioned as a biological weapon.

Botulinum 5000 times more toxic than sarin gas!

Another interesting article on chemical and biological weapons can be found in the British Journal of Anaesthesia:

Under the section “Chemical and biological weapons – botulinum toxin” (one has to scroll down) it says that botulinum is 5000 times more toxic than sarin nerve gas:

Neurotoxin A 0.001 µg kg–1 may be fatal, making botulinum toxins (Botox) at least 5000 times more toxic than sarin nerve gas. Aerosolization of Botox is the most likely method of deployment, but the sabotage of food supplies may also occur.”

Botulinum toxin is at least 5000 times more toxic than sarin nerve gas!

Videos of older dates

If you are a bit interested in videos of older date, where biological weapons hearings were held, there are a few videos here:

A hearing with CIA Director William Colby from 1975, where biological weapons are the subject. William Colby later died under mysterious circumstances:

Watch another old video where toxins are being discussed.
Frank Church held hearings on toxins: