How long does botox stay in the body?

One study finds enzyme activity from botulinum toxin 10 months after injection!

If you ask a doctor or a plastic surgeon, they all unanimously say that botox is out of the body again after 3 months!

But this is a truth with modifications: the long-term side effects have in fact never been thoroughly investigated, since the test animals have been destroyed after a limited period of time.

However, there are some exceptions where the animals have been examined after 10 months:

In a 2014 study, the presence of botulinum toxin A (in subtypes 1 to 5) was determined in rat spinal cord cells.

The remarkable showed the duration. As the report states: “The intracellular enzymatic activity of botulinum toxin (Al, A2, A4 and A5) lasted at least 10 months”, which means that active botox was found in the body of the rats 10 months after!

Conversely, the effects of botulinum toxin A3 were observed for up to 5 months.

This is in direct contradiction to what is officially said!

The report is very technically described, but it can be read in the link below: