How to use the international search databases of side effects

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has a search database of side effects from medicines, incl. Botulinum toxin.

Follow these steps:

You can go to:
and click on

1. “Search for a report”
2. “Accept”
3. “Suspected adverse drug reaction reports for Substances” 
4. “B”
5. the botulinum of interest
6. the 6th tab (“Number of individual cases for a selected reaction”)
7. the down arrow below “Reaction Groups” on the left and select each reaction group

In the bottom right pane named “Outcome” you can see the number of fatal reports per reaction group. You can also select individual reactions on the left to see their fatal report numbers on the bottom right.

The Canadian Search Database:

The Canadian Search Database contains a lot of information about side effects:

Follow this link:

Scroll to the bottom and press the button: “Search the Adverse Reaction Database”.

Then you enter a form with search criteria to be filled out. Scroll possibly. directly down to point 3 and enter either the sales name (brand) of the toxin and mark in the same box “By Brand Name”. – Or type “botulinum toxin” and select “by Active Ingredient”. If you choose to search for the brand “Dysport”, for example, you have to click on the bar next to where it says “Find Health Products”, and then a small drop-down menu with options where you want to select what you want.

Finally, go down to the bottom of the page and select the button called “Search”.

Then a page will appear where you can choose which view you want: “Standard View” or “Custom View”. If you select “Standard view”, the search results are displayed immediately.

There was also a website in 2018 where you can see the side effects: